Why do we write? Reasons of writing

why do we write/ reasons of writing

Top 8 Reasons of writing from a writer’s diary

why do we write/ reasons of writing
why do we write/ reasons of writing

When I am thinking about what to write I always end up choosing what the readers want to read.

Here let me tell you some reasons of writing of a writer:

Write to share his views:

A writer writes about what he thinks about the thing he is writing. He has some views or points to share with others. In short, he or she writes because he or she wants to write his or her own thoughts. They write about their ideas and thoughts. They tell the difference and similarities about the specific thing to the readers. In this manner, they convey their message to the people reading that specific piece of writing.

Write for Fun or as a Hobby:

Another reason is that some people write just because they like to write. There’s is no intention of any materialistic or non-materialistic gain. They write because they want to write. These writers can freely write about anything they like to write. They enjoy their writing as well. We can say that Writing is a hobby for them.

Writing to Gain Fame and Publicity

Next, we can say that a writer writes to gain fame and publicity. That’s why he writes. He intends that people recognize his name and appreciate his talent. This is not deniable that many names in the world are vastly known because of their writing.

Write to Earn Money

One more reason could be to earn money. Yes, it could also be the reason. Suppose you have a degree and you have a good command of a language so why not make a livelihood with this.

Actually, this is a good idea not to waste your knowledge and talent.

Critical writing / write to criticize

Some write for giving their opinion on things like that we call critical writing. So, here they talk about trends and give their views on them. This needs a very keen observation to write. They keenly read a specific piece of writing and give their ideas about that if they don’t agree with a view portrayed by the writer.

Story or Novel Writing

Some have the stronger imagination who wrote stories and plays etc. Don’t you think they are talented? Yes, they are because they have a very strong power of imagination and observation. They are the best who build the thoughts with characters.

Writing of readers Choice

Furthermore, there is also a type who writes what people want to read. They try to make people’s catharsis with words. Sometimes, they start with what people want to read and embed their thoughts in the content to make a new thought and this trick is incredible. These writers are fabulous.

Write to Communicate with People

Another reason is to communicate with people. Writing is the best way to communicate with a large number of people. As sometimes you cannot directly speak to a large number of people. And repetition also takes time and sometimes frustrating things so writing is the best way to communicate with people.

why do we write/ reasons of writing
why do we write/ reasons of writing

Final words

Whatever the reason they write for the actual target is readers. But nowadays normally people don’t really like to read there are few people who are the real reader who knows the real depth of writing. There are some who deeply feel the words. Actually, these are not the only combinations of alphabets, words, or thoughts it is something more than only the real readers can find out. Others just scroll and roll their eyes. The end of the story is that writers are on the back of your smile, tears, and emotions and even behind your TV screen entertainment, you should appreciate it. Word has values that only a valuable can touch.

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