What is a Poem or Poetry? Types of poem and its worth

Poem or poetry is a kind of writing wherein the phrases are organized in separate lines, these are finishing in rhyme, and are selected for the sound of them and for the pictures and thoughts they suggest. They could be in free verse also. These words describe the feelings and emotions of the poet in a specific manner.

We know that poetry is the hardest form of creative writing. But still it is very interesting thing as well. This is a way of expressing ones feelings and emotions in the forms of words. Writing a poem can be very difficult or can be very easy as well. We say that it can have a lot of rules or we also can say no rules at all. We here we are going to see the rules of writing a poetry so let’s get started.

What is a Poem or Poetry? Types of poem and its worth
A Poem or Poetry? can worth even a life

Here are the fundamentals of writing a poetry or poem:

rules of writing a poetry

Types of poetry

  • Understanding the pros of writing a poetry
  • Choose the type of poetry of your interest
  • You should have a proper structure
  • Include the sharp imagery
  • Focus on the sound
  • Specify the proper meaning
  • You should have a goal
  • Lead it to the perfection

Let’s see some different types of poem:

EpicIt is a narrative poem that is lengthy also. It is also consist of adventures and accomplishments of the heroes.

Couplet: This can be of two lines. This also can be a part of a poem.

Sonnet: it is of 14 lines that rhyme as well. It is a short type of poem.

Free verse: This is a kind of poem that doesn’t follow any rule. It is written in free verse and express the feelings of the writer.

Stanza: what is a stanza? This is a very common question that many people want to know. Stanza meaning the poem of two or more lines. Let’s see the more about stanza .A stanza is a segment of a poem which includes two lines or more than two lines that usually follows a sample of metrical lengths and a chain of strains. You will simplest discover stanzas within the layout of a poem.

Here is one stanza example for you. 

 I am alone waiting for you

I assume you do same too

There are many poems online you can easily find and read them. There are poems for kids, for girls, many love poems as well. You can also find ebooks from Amazon kindle or can check many other platforms like whattpad etc.

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