Tips how to write effective and easy book review

Tips how to write effective and easy book review

 Are you funding tips to write effective book review? Well I am here to tell you that. So,let’s get started.

Importance of writing a book review

 Writing a book review is an incredible way to allow fellow readers to recognize that the book is of very good quality and worth reading. Or it tells the readers that this book will not meet their expectations. A book review helps the students to know about the intentions of the writer of writing that book and enables them that they can appreciate or criticize that book. No matter that you are reviewing a book on a website or your blog; your review must be informative and helpful for your audience that they can get their needed information from your review.

Tips how to write effective and easy book review

.Tips how to write effective and easy book review


What is a book review?

A book review is an examination of a book that incorporates its subject, qualities and flaws, and setting. A book review gives a brief introduction to a book. it tells about the themes and characters involved in the book.

What is the purpose of writing a book review?

A book review effectively helps others to choose if they ought to or need to read a specific book or not. It tells some important points or summary of the book so that a reader can decide that whether it is worth reading for him or not.

Planning the book review:

make an outline

Make an outline that shows all the main points, that you are going to discuss in your book review. Include some information about the characters of the book, some important points that you think are the most important ones to give the basic information to the reader like a summary.

write a plot

Write a plot overview that what is in the plot of the book and is that plot gripping the interest or not? Tell the readers about the plot construction and a little bit about the story.  

And it should give information about the book to the reader.

Tell about the writing techniques of the writer. Does the writer use effective techniques? Is he providing the facts in his lines? Is his writing style is eye-catching?

writing techniques

Talk about the characters in the book. Are they lively and logical? They are well defined or not? Characters are more important in the book, if they are then the story will be more interesting.

Tell the readers that this book is good enough to read or not? Praise or criticize the book. Tell about the specific audience who can be more interested in this book according to its genre.  

Tips how to write effective and easy book review
Tips how to write effective and easy book review

A Hook line: 

A hook line is the most important one in your writing a review. It is responsible to catch the attention and interest of your audience so they can continue reading your article.

 Your hook line should be kind of gripping the attention and should provoke the readers to read more. So, It should be a provocative statement.

You can write a statement or you can also start it by asking a striking question.

Essential and impotent information:

Share some essential information about the book that a reader should know. Give the title and tell about the writer in short or in few lines. Tell the readers about the year of the publication and some relevant stuff. Make it clear that if the book has some other parts too to read or not. It means that you have to tell the readers that, is the book part of any series and the readers must have read its other previous parts first.

Summary of the story:

This is a very an important step in your writing an interesting book review. Because, it gives the idea to the reader that how much this story is worth reading and how much this book is of their interest. Write a summary that gives the readers idea about the storyline of the book. Tell about the story but here keep in mind that you have to tell about the points that provoke readers to read the story.

Don’t be a spoiler

You don’t have to ruin or spoil the suspense of the climax part or you should not reveal the truth about the character about whom the writer has created the suspense. So avoid those things that will spoil the interest of the story for your readers. So,Don’t tell about the “twists” of the story. Let the suspense provoke the readers to read.

Include the quotation:       

It is a very good idea to include some quotations in your review as it will help readers a lot in choosing the book. It also shows that how much have you researched in the book and what are the lines you think of much important. Lines of the characters will help the readers to know that what kind of characters are in the book and it will increase their interest.

Tell about some similar books:

  When you are done with your story of the book then give the readers some suggestions of some similar books will be a very good idea for ending your book review. You can suggest to the readers those similar books by saying that “if you like this book then have a look at these books also you will like them too”.

Tips how to write effective and easy book review
Tips how to write effective and easy book review

Your praise or criticism of the book:

This is the most important point in your book review. This is because someone who is reading your review is more interested to know about your views on the book. And also simply saying “a yes” or “a no” is not a good idea. Tell the readers the points that you praise and also tell that why you like that. You like points and what part you find more interesting. Also, talk about the things you don’t like and find not interesting and why. Don’t be mean, while doing this. Because writing a book is not a piece of cake and it takes many struggles. Think if you would be the author of this book so don’t be a bad critique,


After praising and criticizing, given the recommendation to your readers. So they can decide That who should read this book and who will enjoy it more. Tell them did you like this book or dislike this book. Write down your conclusion here in this part.

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