The best way How to Turn failure into success

turn failure into success

 Whenever you try to make some strong decisions you always have to face the failure. That’s very frustrating thing  in one’s life. I ask  myself that why is it? Why it always happens to me?? Why I face the Failure the most?

How to turn failure into success?
How to turn failure into success?

What is the true meaning of failure? 

What is the main cause of it?

Am I doing things in a wrong way?

But I did much research and struggle to do that. yes this is my answer, I gave my time, effort and energy then why I face failure??

Am I doing the wrong thing? 

Yes, may be it is true. It could be possible? I gave my time , energy and struggle to the wrong thing. The thing that doesn’t belong to me or to my nature. That could be the reason of my failure. 

Then here rises a question that…

How to turn failure into success?

Mmmm… actually I literally  don’t know what is it. I did many things, I changed my mind many times. Actually I was just wandering here and there without knowing that what is the true spirit to do. That is the thing that could happen to one who is struggling in his life to find himself. To defeat the failure is not a piece of cake always. All of us know that there is no success that is waiting for us, that we just get it by saying yes “I want it”. We have to struggle for that. But what when one doesn’t know that what is the Right thing to? And how to overcome the failure?

What is your answer here ? I want to ask you this question here before I put my answer…

So…??? well… 

I think that its not like you will sleep at night and you will have a divine inspiration. And it is also not like that you are standing on the bank of a river and a man will come and tell you your future that “do that thing and you will become successful”. That almost seems funny in the logical word order. 

So what??? 

Here are some things to do that will help you to defeat the failure…

Accept your mistake

Accepting your mistake is the main thing is to accept your fault or mistake. So, the first thing is to accept that a mistake is done. But is does not mean to make yourself obsessed with it and just regret the whole life. that is not worthy.

Take a little break

This is good to take a short break to freshen up your mind. A relaxed mind before starting the struggle is good to do the best for the success.

Research on what went wrong?

search for causes of failure

After accepting the mistake and having a short break you are all ready to search for your fault. Try to find out that what went wrong and how to make the good thing next time.

Learn from the mistake

do not think yourself as failure person. Learning from failure is the main thing also. After realizing about the mistake it is necessary to learn from the mistake you made previously. This is because you do not do the same mistake again.

Accept your Failure as a part of process

Here the important thing is to accept your failure as the part of the process. do not regret for the long time. just grab your scattered energy again and make yourself ready to do struggle again.

Regain your lost confidence

Confidence is the main thing that make you successful. Failure in life is not a thing that can defeat your confidence. Do not let Depression overcome you. Gain your confidence again and do your best with the full of your energy and to turn the failure into success.

Look for the solutions

Try to find the solutions of the problem. See what you have done wrong find the ways to make them right.

Try new Ideas

The new start deserves new ways of finding success. Try new ideas to make success. think your failure as your new opportunity.

Find the right thing for you

That’s it… you have to find it yourself. Ask yourself that what is the thing you can do at your best ? What you want to do? When you will get your answer then you will get your right thing. And yes I know it is for me also, I keep trying in what I am good at and I know I will get success one day like the successful ones because I know that,  

failure is leading  you to success…

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