What is a social behavior?

Behavior is a way act that a person does in a particular situation or towards another person. Social behavior is the manner in which a person behaves in reaction to a particular state of affairs or stimulus. It is the kind of movement of the people of the same species whilst they interact with each other. Each human and animals interact in it, and social interaction may be verbal or nonverbal. Social behaviors are those interactions among people of a species that provide some kind of benefit to one or more people in any anyway. The purposes of those interactions vary extensively relying on the species and its specific desires.

social behavior

“Evolutionary theory informs our understanding of some frankly inexcusable social behavior and renders it perfectly normal.” ~ Richard K. Morgan


 Some social behaviors which can be normally useful to humans consist of the subsequent:

• Making eye contact with human beings when talking to them

• Smiling at the people when meeting them

• Asking for help when in need

• Developing teams or groups with a common goal that is based totally on the abilities of the other persons

• Forming friendships and spending time with the other people that are around

•Following the rules and regulations of society because this is very necessary

If we talk about the examples of social behavior then we have a lot of these. Let’s have some the example…

For instance, if you are meeting friends. So as romantic relationships are also an example of the behavior of people in love, we call the couple. And yes also athletic groups have their behavior. Any activity in which people actively interact with other groups of people is a social activity, we can have it as an example here.

Some basics to know about social behavior:

Cultural influences that arise from the life of participating organizations, affecting relationships between large groups such as families in the community, and environmental influences through the physical harmony of environmental relationships, are the basics of culture.

Kinds of social behavior:

Now, let’s have a look at the kinds of Social behavior:

1.         Overt

2.         Symbolic

 Overt social behavior:

This is the case when two people start talking to each other out loud and showing mean words or muscle behavior.

 Symbolic social behavior:

In this kind of behavior language is a means of communication. Some specific type of poem that is published in newspapers where people respond to them is an example of it.

Likewise, when a special person suffers, it is called a symbolic behavior because the person is speaking on a face at that time that anybody can notice by his facial expression.

Social behavior can be classified as:

1.         Linear behavior

2.         Cyclic behavior

Linear social behavior:

Behavioral relationships are linear when activity is tracked directly. The activity moves in a straight line without drawing a circle or looking back. It’s like a one-way street. A commands B, B commands C, C commands D, and finally D works. Military and paramilitary orders are issued in a purely linear fashion.


 Circular social behavior:

It does not move directly in a line but in a circle. Classroom discussions or classroom instructions are examples of social behaviors.

When A says B, B answers A, A says C, and C answers A, it returns to the starter of the discussion.

Humans are not the only species who have learned to practice social behavior to gain advantages or the benefits from the other people but also animals do that. For example, the ants developed highly organized societies divided into groups that served the general needs of the entire colony.

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