Do you love poetry?

Let me share some of my poetry about nature hope you would like

Poetry of Nature

nature has a big part
in our surrounding
when everyday and everyone
in the early morning
love to go out
to feel the freshness
and the touchiness
of cool breeze
Hearts feel soothing
like they waited for this
in the whole of life
every sight catches the eye
mesmerizing with the beauty
and the long inhale that you take
As you want to inhale these all
the happiness the freshness
and the coolness of air
closing the eyes
you feel like a Queen
standing in a magical garden
with the beautiful shiny crown
I know you loved imaging too
this is what that a spring can do

Poetry of nature
Poetry of nature

Poetry on The Happiness of Spring

The happiness of spring is all around
the flowers the fragrance the birds and musical sound
the colourful scenes are making hearts flutter
what else can you see that much better?
everyone’s dream is just came true
I know you wished it for, as I did too
step out you there and you’ll feel so good
that has the magic that can make your mood
well these are all the positive touch that we should consider
or you can sense that way either
the losing pain that is still in the breed
that’s what they get for their greed
yeah! the trees seems happy
but what you can’t see is the question
the pain that they can successfully hide from one or million
the scars of tear are the witness at least
they are missing their old and weak yellow leaves

Poetry of nature
Poetry of nature

Poetry about The season of blessing

what do you think what the spring is ?
the season of blossoming
of newly budded flowers
like,lotus,daisy and sunflower
Everyone likes either young or old
poppy ,orchid and marigold.
Everywhere is a flower’s show.
and every face has
an instant glow.
Spring is the start of a new life
as complete as a man with his wife
this is a beginning of new wave
that is everywhere and also seen
the turning of yellow to the green
means a turn to life again
cure for all of the sufferings
and broken heart’s pain
it comes with a new spirit and hope
as the healer is doing his best job
when the birds again feel free
to fly and chirp like just freed
when the Nightingale
sings new songs to welcome
the new pictures of life in real
one can feel fragrance and joy
as a wound got its only heal
the season is a reminder
if think you’ll know its true
you felt sometimes deprived right ?
I feel this too
but actually you know what
this is not true
because He grants with the better than
what He took from you

Poetry of nature
poetry of love and

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In the last I want to say that everyone has his own choice his own priorities. But one thing that we always consider first , is our emotions. These emotions or feelings can make us weak and also can make you strong.

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