What is Hijab and Hijab Day?

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Hijab day is that you can say protest again the banning Hijab in France. In this article I will talk about what it is and what is the importance of it. For Muslims especially for Muslim women. Further I will share some of my self written poetry for praising it as well. So let’s get started.

What is Hijab or veil
What is Hijab or veil

What is Hijab or veil ?

It is covering the hair and the body that is obligatory in Islam. Muslim women cover their hair and body.

What is the importance of Hijab in Islam?

Islam is a complete code of life and that is a known fact. Islam teaches us very well. It guides us in every part of life. You belong to any field Islam has the guidance for you. This is the universality in Islam. Hijab in Islam has a great value. Islam gives very right to women to live easily. The reason is to protect women from the bad things bad eyes and evil doings. Islam is the first religion that gives the rights to women that she was not given by the others. Veil is not the hurdle in the way of success but a guard with you to protect you for always. And it gives the motivation to do anything with confidence.

Hijab is oppression?

Banning it was definitely not a good idea. As every body has the right to chose the things for him or her. And this is totally wrong to say that hijab is oppression because this is not. If you see properly you will be able to see that veil is not making women weak but it gives the strength. It gives the respect. Because you definitely will know about the trend #respecthijab. It gives the beauty and adds honor to ones personality who wears it. But some people do not see the glamour of it.

Poetry of Hijab

why you want to uncover
the covered me
I want to be in hijab
and want to be called
a hijabi girl
I am a Muslim woman
and this is my right
to chose what I want to wear
how I want to look
I submitted my will to Allah
and now I am by my choice
bound to obey my Allah
this is all between me and God
why you people come in between
don’t say foolish things
don’t judge me
don’t say that
my hijab is a Barrier
to my success
but it is a kind of barrier
that saves me from
evil stares
bad glances
cheap gazes
it gives me the confidence
it is my strength
not my weakness
I m a hijabi girl
and I am unstoppable
in the way of success
with all of my glamour
and beautify of hijab
I feel like a Queen
my hijab is my crown

Hijab day Poetry

I am the daughter of a miserable nation
I can’t do as I want
because what is my right
is not right in others opinion
if I pray
they say
I am fundamental
if I follow my religion
they say I am being conservative
let me tell you my hijab story
I am a Muslim girl
hijab is my choice
I was happy
I was having my chosen life
but one day
they snatched my choice
my right
on 4rth September
what was my fault ?
I was living my life
I was not interrupting in their’s
they just wanted
to uncover my pride
But let me tell you
I won’t stop
I won’t stop fighting
till the end of this oppression
because this is my right
This is the Pride
of a Muslim woman
So we will raise our voice
on the banning of hijab
Because hijab is our pride
hijab is our right
don’t say that by wearing hijab
a woman is oppressed
because this is you
who want to control that
how they will get dressed

Hope you liked this Please have a look on my other articles and poetry too.

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