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 In this article we will see the definition of depression, we will get to know about its symptoms. Further, we will see what are the things that cause depression and how we can test ourselves for this and then we will see the list of treatments of depression available for.

Depression, its causes and symptoms
Depression, its causes and symptoms

How depression feels?

If you are facing a constant feeling of sadness, you are not interested in those things that you loved in the past and the feeling is stopping you from doing your daily routine then it can be said as “depression”.So, It is not like that you are in a low or bad mood but it is something more that is more to pay attention.

 This is the condition that can affect your mental health as well as physical health. 

Is it common? 

It is the common question that is asked by the people that is it a common problem? So, yes now a days it is common as every 2nd or 3rd person faces this problem some people face minor conditions and some people face sever conditions. 

Is it treatable?

So, next raises the question that is it curable or treatable or not? The answer is yes it is. There are many treatments available for this. And it can be cured as soon as the depressed person seeks help. 

Symptoms of depression:

These are some of the symptoms of depression mentioned below:  

What you will feel when depressed?

·         You will feel sad and unhappy

·         A miserable condition

·         You will feel irritable

·         A constant guilt

·         Frustrated of things 

·         Loss of confidence

·         You won’t be able to concentrate 

·         Disappointment

Depression, its causes and symptoms
Depression, its causes and symptoms

What is the behavior that a depressed man follows?  

·         Stops socialization

·         Prefers to stay alone

·         Stops his activities that he usually enjoyed

·         Incomplete work won’t be interested to complete

·         Alcoholic

What physical health condition will be of a depressed man?

·         Will feel tired all the time

·         Will feel sick and down

·         Will face sleep problems

·         Will lose appetite 

·         Will lose weight or gain

Let’s see about the causes of depression now:

·         It could be because of family history. If your family is facing this problem then you are at more risk as compared to others out of family. 

·         Worrying can also cause depression, the person who worries a lot is also at great risk.

·         Use of drugs and alcohol can also lead to depression. 

 Can we test in by ourselves?

Yes, we can but i think it is not a proper way or authentic one. There are many sites available from where you can check it by answering some questions.

How can depression be diagnosed?

Visit your doctor to seek medical help regarding depression. Because there are some of medical conditions that are responsible for causing this problem and one of them is thyroid disorder. Whatever the cause is, you have to visit the doctor for its proper treatment. Because health care is r more necessary and important than the other things.

What is the treatment of depression?

Let’s see what are the treatment methods that can help

1.    Medication is at first that can help to cure your depression. Visit the doctor and he or she will prescribe the medicine according to your condition of depression because it may vary as minor to severe.

2.    Psychotherapy is another way of treating the problem. Talk to the therapist and learn the specific skills to get rid of negative thoughts.

4.    Exercising may also be helpful. Exercise can make your body strong and healthy. It can improve your immunity system. So, it can also help you to improve your mental health.

5.    Stop drinking alcohol or taking drugs. You will see visible Chang in your behavior and

6.    Health.

7.    You have to take care of yourself if you want to be cured. Have a good sleep. Eat healthy diet and drink pure. Avoid negative thoughts because they are just making your condition worst and attention to yourself as you are the important one who can save yourself from this disaster. So, here are some things to do for prevention.

Depression, its causes and symptoms
Depression, its causes and symptoms

How to prevent yourself form depression? /preventing from depression/ prevention of depression

It is difficult one but not impossible thing. So, First of all you should avoid the causes of depression. If you feel that you are feeling sad then try make yourself happy. Avoid negative thoughts and build positivity in yourself. Do exercise on daily basis and have healthy diet. Take a good sleep. Because it freshmen up your mind. Build strong and healthy relationship with others.

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